How often do you think you get in the way of your success?

Imagine this situation: you have a new business idea that is very likely to be a money-maker. Which statement is most true for you?

  1. I excitedly and swiftly go about implementing it in my business!
  2. I think that it may be a good idea but I am too busy; so I shelf it and then forget about it.
  3. I immediately come up with lots of reasons why it isn’t a good idea after all or why I wouldn’t or couldn’t do it.

Answer                                                                                                                                      (1)  You seem to have cultivated lots of strong positive beliefs about yourself and your capabilities. You probably enjoy leaving your comfort zone to do something that excites you and scares you at the same time. You know who to ask for help and to trust your instincts. Do you get so excited about opportunities that you may lose sight of your end goal? If yes, you may benefit from creating a more living and breathing business plan which you could consult to make sure you stay on track.

Answer                                                                                                                                         (2)    In scenario (2) the limiting beliefs are perhaps more hidden because you seem to trust that it is a good idea. However, you may want to ask yourself what you are so busy doing that this idea is lost? How do you prioritise? Are you able to say no? Are you happy with the results you are getting from what you are doing right now? Or do you want more success? If yes, do you make time to work on your business?

Answer                                                                                                                                            (3) This answer indicates that you don’t believe in yourself, your talents and capabilities very much. If you don’t learn a way to let go of these old unhelpful beliefs, chances are that you won’t achieve what you would like. You may want to become aware of what is holding you back and then realise that these ‘truths’ are really just beliefs you most likely formed as a child and which are no longer true. You could choose to learn new skills. You could get yourself a mentor, coach, therapist to address deep seated beliefs or learn how to go about what you want to achieve. The good news is that you can change your beliefs!

Our beliefs form our success or lack thereof because we create our reality based on our beliefs. This is why I love coaching and working with people overcoming their limiting beliefs. Once you realise that you can change your beliefs and you start having the success that initially seemed elusive, life becomes really fun. Yes, it might be frightening at times because you decide to do something new but this also means you’ll feel alive and empowered. Imagine what your life could be like if you changed the beliefs that seem to be holding you back. Start now!

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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