My Work

Therapeutic Work

Many of my clients battle with different forms of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties and/or loss. The work is about identifying the limiting belief system that creates these challenges, building coping mechanisms to stay grounded in the moment, understanding which limiting beliefs gets triggered when and how that impacts them; and most importantly, to transform old, limiting beliefs into supportive and enabling beliefs to build up confidence and compassion for oneself.

Other clients come because they want to be happier and want to find out how to achieve that. They might not know what they want out of life or want to find out what would make their lives more meaningful. This work includes, for instance, exploring their interests and values, identifying their strengths.

Some clients want to build up their resilience and learn not to become disheartened by the challenges they face.

Stress management and resilience training

Some of my clients work with me because they feel so stressed by their lives and/or careers/business. This work includes examining what exactly stresses them, what kind of underlying beliefs might be operating and become triggered by these situations, and then we implement personal solutions for dealing with these stressors in a different way.

Part of this work is to create healthy self-care habit, such as regular meditation practices to help down-regulate the overactive amygdala. Here I use what I learnt at Harvard Medical School about the latest findings in developing resilience.

Your life, career and/or business are expressions of you, of your values, talents, skills and beliefs. Whatever you believe is possible, what you believe you can achieve, whether you can ask for help if necessary; all of this and more determines how much your life, career or business will grow and whether you succeed.

Resilience coaching deals with the psychological factors that influence success. It helps you:

  •  to bounce back stronger when facing adversity
  •  to become a great problem solver
  •  to transform your limiting beliefs
  •  to deal with conflict successfully
  •  to identify your strengths and how to leverage them
  •  to be able to deal with your feelings most effectively
  •  and more

In short, once you contact me, we will identify the different areas you might want to work on, set goals and create a plan how to achieve these goals. You can choose from different options how I can support you through this process.

Corporate work

I help individuals reach their career goals much faster than they expect to. We do this by first exploring what they think holds them back, by discovering their strengths and then we build on them. This means to use their strengths in different ways on a daily basis; we create (manageable) challenges that move them out of their comfort zone and thus build up their confidence. These challenges, for example, include how to deal with conflicts in a more constructive, proactive way and speaking up/ being heard in meetings with senior colleagues

I deliver leadership training for senior counselling psychologists where we focus on authenticity and their ability as leaders to manage emotions of themselves and others.

Business coaching

I work with individuals clarifying their business ideas; exploring what holds them back from pursuing these ideas and overcoming the blocks they struggle with. Sometimes this work includes helping people to say no to others so that they can prioritise their own goals. With other businesses the work is about the dynamics between different business partners that get into the way of their business